Supplier Terms

Prior to the payment of any invoice, and in order to help us make payments correctly and swiftly, we request that you observe the following Terms and Conditions:1. We require the ‘CONTACT INFORMATION’ below to be completed in full and returned to us. Our preference is to pay and supply remittance by digital methods, therefore please consider this when supplying your information

2. Invoices for the supply of goods or services to an individual business within the Company must state the business name as well as the Company Name. For the avoidance of doubt, invoices and correspondence should be addressed to the business:

Alley Catz Bowling
Honeybars Limited
Broad Street Business Centre
PE11 1TB

3. The onus remains upon the supplier to be able to evidence proof of delivery of any goods or services upon our request. We reserve the right to refuse payment in cases where delivery cannot be proven. The simplest way of evidencing proof of delivery is through the supply of a delivery note at the time of delivery. Receipt of goods or services must be acknowledged by a member of our Management or Supervisory Teams in order to be considered valid.

4.We require our purchase order number to be evidenced on the invoice. You must request a copy of our purchase order from the person placing the order before supplying the goods or services. For the avoidance of doubt employees of the company do not have autonomy to purchase items and in all cases must be supported by confirmation from senior management and/or directors, evidenced by the Purchase Order.