Risk Assessment

Visitors to our centre include adults, the young, the elderly and those with learning or physical disabilities. We aim to provide a safe environment for all of our customers to enjoy themselves.

We expect those who bring others to our centre, whether they be children, the disabled or those who have learning disabilities, to have undertaken appropriate risk assessments for those that they bring to ensure that the activity is suitable for them.

Our team can explain how to bowl, including ball selection, safety on the lanes as well as practical information to help our customers enjoy their bowling.

The significant hazards that we have identified for our centre is detailed below:


  • Safety precaution

Slips and Trips

  • Suitable shoes must be worn when bowling.
  • We offer suitable shoes to all bowlers, should you wish to sue your own please consult with the shift leader, whose decision is final.
  • You must not step over the foul line – this is the black line at the start of a lane. Lanes are coated with oil and the surface is slippery.
  • We carry out cleaning and inspection checks in all areas of the centre including the toilets regularly. If you notice a spillage please notify a member of staff.
  • Take care when walking up the step in the bowlers area

Equipment Malfunction/Balls Stuck on Lanes and Ball Returns

  • NEVER go beyond the foul line to retrieve balls, etc.
  • Hands must NEVER be placed into the ball return machinery
  • Contact reception if you have any problems whilst bowling.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  •  The bowling ball is returned to the bowler via the ball return. Bowling balls should be allowed to stop rolling on the ball return before they are handled to prevent fingers being caught between the bowling ball that is being returned and other stationary balls on the rack.
  • Children should not be permitted to play with bowling balls on the ball return

Weight of the Bowling Balls

  • Ensure that the correct weight of bowling ball is selected.
  • Children may need help from an adult to hold the ball to avoid it being dropped onto their feet.
  • If bowlers have not bowled before then ask for help at Reception for staff help.


  • Assessments of the games machines have been done by us and the suppliers of the equipment. Customers should follow rules for individual games and never attempt to rock or move equipment as it may cause injury.


  • If the fire alarm sounds please leave the building by the nearest available fire exit and follow the directions given by our staff and managers.


  • Our Managers are First Responders. Please contact reception as they can organise first aid and also ensure that the accident is recorded.

If you require a tour of the centre prior to your visit, this should be arranged through centre management.

Please contact the centre directly.

Our centre telephone number is 01775 722211
and is available on our website