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We have a belief in bringing the best to our customers and as such joined up with QubicaAMF, the world’s No 1 bowling provider.

When industry giants Qubica and AMF merged back in 2005, the largest bowling & amusement company in the world was formed.

The QubicaAMF lane equipment installed at Alley Catz was the very first of its kind in the UK and today is still considered cutting edge thanks to our continual reinvestment into our lanes and systems.

SPL Lanes

The World’s most advanced performance lanes, designed by a PhD in surface chemistry, with 17% less joins than other lanes. The lanes are even designed to make more pins fall, giving you an even better chance to get that top score! The lanes are proven to hold oil patterns better and for longer, providing the most consistent and highest scoring lanes in the bowling industry. With our special glow pattern they are illuminated under black light and give clear targets and visual excitement with distraction or eye fatigue!

Durabowl Bumpers

Ideal for kids, the physically challenged or those who just want to add some “bounce” to their game, our inductry leading bumpers offer the best experience, as they can be activated by lane from the front desk or by the bowler from the scoring console!

Our bumpers can be set to automatically go up and down based on the individual bowler. That makes it super-easy to give players of different skill levels the nonstop action that you want.

LED Monitors

Much brighter, sharper and more sophisticated than those horrible old bulky screens . Our premium-quality commercial-grade displays were installed specifically to light up your visit!!

XLi Pinspotters

The most advanced pinspotters ever ensure the shortest wait between frames and use less energy than any other similar competitor – all whilst being the quietest on the market.

AMF Ball Return

The  fastest possible ball return, with smart ball distribution and the strongest dryer in the industry, something that our sport bowlers really appreciate!